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Encore for Philip Zelikow? (UPDATED ON 6/20/2021 and 6/21/2021)

In what may be shaping up to be a disturbing reprise of Philip Zelikow's role in the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks and the resulting invasion of Iraq, Zelikow is positioned to preside over a commission to "investigate" the Covid-19 pandemic, " . . . . an examination of the origins of the virus—including the contentious 'lab leak' theory. . . ." Backers of the project include the Rockefeller Foundation and a David Koch NGO (Ex-CIA chief and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a Koch Brothers protege.) Zelikow's 9/11 Commission presided over significant oversights and omissions: " . . . . There is now evidence, much of it systematically suppressed by the 9/11 Commission, that before 9/11, CIA officers Richard Blee and Tom Wilshire inside the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit along with FBI agents such as Dina Corsi, were protecting from investigation and arrest two of the eventual alleged hijackers on 9/11, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi—much as the FBI had protected Ali Mohamed from arrest in 1993. . . ." PNAC (The Project for a New American Century) called for Rebuilding America's Defenses: " . . . . 'The process of transformation,' it reported, 'even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.' Zelikow helped draft the 2002 document that concretized the PNAC strategic goals: " . . . . In 2002, the PNAC goals of unchallenged military dominance, plus the right to launch preemptive strikes anywhere, were embodied in the new National Security Strategy of September 2002 (known as 'NSS 2002'). (A key figure in drafting this document was Philip Zelikow, who later became the principal author of the 9/11 Commission Report.) . . . ." " . . . . In what is arguably the think tank’s most controversial document, titled 'Rebuilding America’s Defenses,' there are a few passages that openly discuss the utility of bioweapons, including the following sentences: '…combat likely will take place in new dimensions: in space, 'cyber-space,' and perhaps the world of microbes…advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.' . . ." There are indications that the anthrax attacks that occurred in the same time period as the 9/11 attacks may well have been a provocation aimed at justifying the invasion of Iraq and spurring the development off biological weapons, as advocated in the PNAC document. Ft. Detrick insider Steven Hatfill was a suspect in the attack, although he appears to have worn "operational Teflon." “. . . . Steven Hatfill was now looking to me like a suspect, or at least, as the F.B.I. would denote him eight months later, ‘a person of interest.’ When I lined up Hatfill's known movements with the postmark locations of reported biothreats, those hoax anthrax attacks appeared to trail him like a vapor cloud. But in February 2002, shortly after I advanced his candidacy to my contact at F.B.I. headquarters, I was told that Mr. Hatfill had a good alibi. . . . In December 2001, Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a noted bioweapons expert, delivered a paper contending that the perpetrator of the anthrax crimes was an American microbiologist whose training and possession of Ames-strain powder pointed to a government insider with experience in a U.S. military lab. . . .Hatfill at the time was building a mobile germ lab out of an old truck chassis, and after S.A.I.C. fired him he continued work on it using his own money. When the F.B.I. wanted to confiscate the mobile lab to test it for anthrax spores, the army resisted, moving the trailer to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where it was used to train Special Forces in preparation for the war on Iraq. The classes were taught by Steve Hatfill and Bill Patrick. . . .” Two key Democratic Senators were targeted by weapons-grade anthrax letters prior to changing their opposition to the Patriot Act: ". . . . We should not forget that the Patriot Act was only passed after lethal weapons-grade anthrax letters were mailed to two crucial Democratic Senators—Senators Daschle and Leahy—who had initially questioned the bill. After the anthrax letters, however, they withdrew their initial opposition. Someone—we still do not know who—must have planned those anthrax letters well in advance. We should not forget, either, that some government experts initially blamed those attacks on Iraq. . . ." The "Lab Leak Theory" has been promulgated by Michael R. Gordon, who was instrumental in advancing the Saddam Hussein WMD connection which helped lay the propaganda foundation for the Iraq War. Will Zelikow's investigation help prime the pump for war with China? Will this be done by pointing blame for the pandemic on what Mr. Emory has called "The Oswald Institute of Virology"? Read more »

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“A nation of sheep will beget a gov­ern­ment of wolves.”–Edward R. Mur­row

In numer­ous pro­grams and lec­tures, we have dis­cussed the impor­tant, dev­as­tat­ing­ly suc­ces­sive­ly mind con­trol pro­grams engaged in by the mil­i­tary and CIA. Those pro­grams were devel­oped in reac­tion to downed Amer­i­can air­men who–after captivity–gave tes­ti­mo­ny that they had been involved in bio­log­i­cal war­fare attacks against Chi­na and North Korea dur­ing the war.

A superb book about Unit 731–the Japan­ese bio­log­i­cal war­fare unit dur­ing World War II–had a chap­ter in the British edi­tion that was omit­ted in the Amer­i­can edi­tion.

(Sad­ly, the books are out of print, although both the British and Amer­i­can edi­tions are avail­able through used-book ser­vices. Mr. Emory hearti­ly encour­ages lis­ten­ers to obtain the book. Even the Amer­i­can edition–missing this key chapter–is worth­while. Hope­ful­ly, a pub­lish­er will obtain the rights to the book and re-issue it. If so, we will enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly pro­mote the work.)

The chap­ter in the UK edi­tion chron­i­cles the inves­ti­ga­tion into the alle­ga­tions of Amer­i­can BW use dur­ing the Kore­an War, includ­ing cir­cum­stan­tial evi­dence that Unit 731 vet­er­ans and method­ol­o­gy may well have been used in the alleged cam­paign.

That chap­ter is alto­geth­er objec­tive, avoid­ing ide­o­log­i­cal bias toward either side in the con­flict.

Because of that, we found the omis­sion of this chap­ter from the U.S. edi­tion to be sig­nif­i­cant. As the bril­liant Peter Dale Scott not­ed: “The cov­er-up obvi­ates the con­spir­a­cy.”

It is a mat­ter of pub­lic record that Unit 731’s files were incor­po­rat­ed into the U.S. bio­log­i­cal war­fare pro­gram, and vet­er­ans of the Unit bequeathed their exper­tise to the Amer­i­cans in exchange from immu­ni­ty from pros­e­cu­tion for war crimes.

Key Points of Dis­cus­sion and Analy­sis

  1. The pro­gram begins with dis­cus­sion of a Telepress dis­patch from Bur­ma alleg­ing that key vet­er­ans of Unit 731–including for­mer com­mand­ing offi­cer gen­er­al Shi­ro Ishii–were dis­patched to Korea with ship-borne equip­ment to wage bio­log­i­cal war­fare.
  2. Next, the pro­gram details the con­sid­er­able inter­est on the part of the U.S. com­mand struc­ture in bio­log­i­cal warfare–an inter­est that grew con­sid­er­ably as the war pro­gressed.
  3. A British vet­er­an of the Kore­an War dis­cussed sus­pi­cious activ­i­ty by an Amer­i­can mil­i­tary unit as Chi­nese troops were advanc­ing on UN forces, fol­low­ing that coun­try’s entry into the war. The sol­dier recount­ed: How the U.S. per­son­nel were plac­ing feath­ers in build­ings, while wear­ing face masks; how he had a sus­pi­cious boost­er shot short­ly after encoun­ter­ing the Amer­i­can troops; see­ing hun­dreds of dead Chi­nese troops in a vil­lage, who did not appear to have been shot or wound­ed in any way.
  4. The authors note that Unit 731 often used BW to attack sup­ply routes and that the intro­duc­tion of Sovi­et-built MIGs into the war–forcing U.S. B‑29s to oper­ate at night–may have been a moti­va­tion for the alleged BW attacks.
  5. The pro­gram con­cludes with pre­sen­ta­tion of the sci­en­tif­ic cre­den­tials of the Inter­na­tion­al Sci­en­tif­ic Com­mis­sion inves­ti­gat­ing the alle­ga­tions of bio­log­i­cal war­fare. ” . . . . Dr. Andrea Andreen, direc­tor of the Cen­tral Lab­o­ra­to­ry of the Hos­pi­tals Board of the City of Stock­holm; Jean Mal­terre, Inge­nieur-Agri­cole, direc­tor of the Cen­tral Lab­o­ra­to­ry of Ani­mal Phys­i­ol­o­gy, Nation­al Col­lege of Agri­cul­ture, Grignon, France; Dr. Oliviero Oli­vo, pro­fes­sor of Human Anato­my in the Fac­ul­ty of Med­i­cine of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bologna, Italy; Dr. Samuel Pes­soa, pro­fes­sor of Par­a­sitol­ogy at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Sao Pao­lo and for­mer­ly direc­tor of pub­lic Health for the State of Sao Pao­lo; Dr. Nico­lai Zhukov-Verezh­nikov, pro­fes­sor of Bac­te­ri­ol­o­gy at, and Vice-Pres­i­dent of, the Sovi­et Acad­e­my of Med­i­cine and for­mer­ly chief med­ical expert at the Khabarovsk tri­al, and final­ly, Dr. Joseph Need­ham, FRS, Sir William Dunn Read­er in Bio­chem­istry, Cam­bridge Uni­ver­si­ty, for­mer­ly sci­en­tif­ic coun­sel­lor, Her Bri­tan­nic Majesty’s Embassy, Chungk­ing and lat­er direc­tor of the Depart­ment of Nat­ur­al Sci­ences, UNESCO, (He became in 1966, the Mas­ter of Gonville and Caius Col­lege, Cam­bridge, and is cur­rent­ly writ­ing a his­to­ry of sci­ence and civ­i­liza­tion in Chi­na.) . . . .”



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Heads We Win, Tails You Lose: The Fascist Philosophy Behind Private Equity’s Leveraged Buyout of Everything It's been the same headline for months now: * April of 2020: American billionaires have gotten $280 billion richer since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic * May of 2020: American billionaires got $434 richer during the pandemic * August of 2020: American billionaires got $637 richer during the pandemic * September of 2020: U.S. billionaires got $845 billion richer since the start of the pandemic/Wealth of US billionaires rises by nearly a third during pandemic * October of 2020: US billionaires saw their net worth rise by almost $1 trillion between March and October - Jeff Bezos remains the richest, a study says. From nearly the start of the COVID-19 pandemic it's been clear that the public health disaster wasn't a disaster for everyone, with the wealthiest individuals being not only largely insulated from the economic lockdown but in many cases well positioned to profit from it. The pandemic was turning into a giant upward transfer of wealth. And as we're going to see, giant upward transfers of wealth are essentially what the private equity industry is all about. The rise of 'supply-side' economics in the 1980s coincided with the rise of private equity and that's no coincidence. The philosophy behind the private equity movement is the philosophy of supply-side economics. An anti-New Deal philosophy, where ruthlessness is a virtue, that fueled a 40 year giant fascist leveraged buyout of society. Read more »

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